Why?” you ask?

Well, for 4 reasons-

  1. Because it is an expensive OTT time which lasts for 2 months of the year! When Christmas day finally comes round it is an anti-climax!
  2. I am rubbish at buying presents, so when my children opened their christmas presents last year I was surprised as they were about what “we” bought them!  My wife has worked for top cosmetic companies and could get make-up and perfume at discounted prices, also when she worked for a department store she got discount on other items so it was pointless for me to buy items at a higher price.  In the end I got given a list with items that my wife would like and I picked a few extra items that I thought she would like.
  3. I dislike singing christmas carols, why do we only sing of Christ’s birth in December then about his death and resurrection the rest of the year?  It’s no wonder why people who only go to church at Christmas haven’t grasped the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. There is a great clip from Talledega nights which illustrates my point.
  4. Christmas trees!- garish, hard to get right, take up space to store and its a nightmare getting them down! not to mention the waste of electricity each year!

“HUMBUG!” you are probably thinking, but what is it all about?

There is a book about the 5 love languages , how you express your love by-

  • Gifts
  • Acts of Service
  • Words of encouragement
  • Physical touch
  • Quality time

I am not materialistic, if someone bought me an Iphone 4s, I would say “thank you” but would think “I don’t really need it!”  The “love language” which speaks love to me more is words of encouragement, so being asked to write for the “Daily Intersect“, or when a group of young people asked for me specifically to chat with them in a discussion group, I was ecstatic, it told me that someone actually liked me and wanted to hear what I had to say! So, if someone buys me a journal and says “keep writing, here is something to help you” then I would be as happy!

Children love presents, seeing their faces light up when they get a “surprise” gift is incomparable, but what can they do in return? If they are really young, their parents can go and buy other people presents “on behalf” of them but it isn’t the same.  All they can offer is their love and affection, which is enough to melt any heart!

I know of an old lady who tried to organise a Christmas family get together for all her relatives, it ended up being nearer Easter because they couldn’t agree a time!  I know everyone has busy lives, and it’s not always possible to “synchronise” schedules but when it comes to spending quality time with our relatives, surely we should make an effort to make time!?

There are many groups of people who are willing to “sacrifice” part if not all their day at Christmas to feed, help and/or spend time with the needy, the homeless, the lonely which are amazing “acts of service“, but we should also give credit to those willing to spend hours in kitchens around the world, so that you have something to eat & thanks go to the medical staff who will be caring for those unable to be home due to sickness!

One thing I do like is the fact that I am able to spend time with my family, and there is nothing like sitting and cuddling your children in a cosy, warm room!

God expresses his love in those ways too!

I was at a youth event last December, where the minister said Christ’s birth was like James Bond, “God’s mission to save us started in that stable, over 2000 years ago! “Which made a lot of sense to me!

So no, I am not excited by Christmas, but it is what Christ’s arrival was the start of is what makes me feel “Joyful, Joyful!” this time of year!