I mentioned last week that power is a temptation of speakers/preachers, and I was trying to think how this would manifest itself. Then I remembered NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-programming), its dangers were shown in a episode of “A Town called Eureka”, basically it’s the practice of “programming yourself” by using certain words and language to  “improve” yourself and/or change habits that you have formed.  I remember a friend told me that he once dated someone who was training in NLP and after the relationship ended, he suddenly realised she had been practising on him!  The danger is it is akin to brainwashing!

I recently read an autobiographical book about a man who was a kung fu champion nicknamed Tony the Tiger, his life story was pretty horrific, so much so that he ended up in a Greek prison, but God was with him and now Tony Anthony is of the opinion that martial arts taught him to be self-reliant with the “power from within” but since he became a Christian, his testimony has impacted so many people because his strength/power comes from Christ.

I am curious as to why certain denominations call their leaders “Father ….” or “Teacher…” when it explicitly says in the bible “don’t call anyone Father or teacher for there is only one father (God) and one Teacher (Christ)” We give these titles to men/women that we respect, that we look up to for their insight, their theology, their knowledge, but we actually have equal insight as all Christians have the Holy Spirit within them, and all are priests and apostles!

I keep hearing life stories where people have been treated really badly by their parents or people in authority over them!  How could a parent deliberately ignore their own child, if they actually saw them in the street (this happened to a friend of mine who is an adult!). How it can be right to use your child to get fame for yourself? How anyone could leave their offspring to run a business whilst they go live abroad and when the business is sold not give them a penny of the funds!  I don’t want to dwell on the abuse cases, but I don’t know anyone of a sane mind who thinks that any abuse to a child is acceptable!

The impact of a someones childhood, is the basis of a psychological assessment, I believe that one of the first questions is “what was the relationship with your mother/father like?” The Super-Nanny TV programme highlights how a parent reacts to their children can cause problems without them realising it!  So I have learnt:-

  • The naughty step is a great tool, put your toddler on a spot/step in the house where they can be safely left alone, leave them there for 1 minute per every year of their life i.e a 5 year old will be sat for 5 mins. After that time, go to them and calmly ask them if they know why they are on that spot and explain to them why they were naughty!
  • Be positive about every little “good” thing they have done “well done!, thank you for helping me!” etc etc. If you only give them attention when they are naughty, then they will be naughty to get attention (quite obvious really but not when you are in that situation!)
  • Kids need “family time”, playing, cuddling, talking. It has been proven that “cuddling” increases the endorphins in your body (no need for chocolate!)  Kids need to know you want to listen to what they have to say, otherwise they may find other people (possibly innappropriate choices) who will listen to them!

The power of a “good childhood” is immeasurable, those that have authority, have a responsibility to praise and encourage a child to properly develop emotionally, physically and even spiritually!  It is also necessary to discipline them in a manner that does not destroy their self-esteem but “corrects” their behaviour so they do not grow up to be a criminal!  Not an easy feat!

What I would like to know is when things go wrong, when you are having a really bad day, when you are really struggling with a situation, what do you do? What do you think?

  • Do you say “O my God!” but not actually mean to ask for the help of a deity?
  • Do you pray for help, recognising there is one who can and wants to help, as he has the power and resources to do so?
  • Do you just give up and feel down, as you feel “Powerless“?
  • Do you rely on your friends/family to “pick you up”?

There was a ruler in Capernaum who recognised Jesus’ authority and knew just one word from Jesus, and his servant would be well again! So what is our excuse?  Jesus said that those who follow him would be able to cast out demons, heal the sick! He gave his disciples the power and authority over demons and sickness.  He had authority because he died and rose again, death, sickness nothing could hold him.  If you are a christian “He that is in you is more powerful than the spirit of the world”

So I have the Power,  and if you are a Christian so do you!

What are you waiting for?  Get out there!! Either use it or get it!!