Apparently I am “one of them!”

What is “one of them” I asked ther first critic of my blog.

The response- “Them’ being overly religious. To put it bluntly many Christian beliefs are quite simply outdated.

Sorry, what is outdated?

  • Is love and forgive one another instead of harming or holding grudges outdated?
  • Is respecting those in authority outdated?
  • Is not stealing, not being envious of one anothers possessions/relationships by forgetting how much you already have, outdated?

Ok, in some respects, YES, it is old-fashioned, only because good “old” decent morals and ideals are no longer popular!  My most read blog post was about pre-marital sex and relationships, in a subsequent discussion about how leaving sex out of a relationship in the early stages is beneficial for the longevity of the said relationship, I  had a shocked response to the idea that a relationship could have more depth if sex is not introduced too early!

Surely that is common sense, admittedly my children are still young and I cannot really remember having “the talk” with my parents, but to be honest, you can pretty much pick up that concept by watching normal television programmes and observing your “peers” relationships.

Some people believe that Christianity is a “can’t do this, can’t do that religion” but it is so much more!  Ok, so God initially gave us 10 rules to live by, then there were the “amendments” or “bye-laws” brought into play in Leviticus, but if you look at them they are pretty much like a parent’s “house-rules”

  • Don’t use God’s name in vain- “O my God!”, “Jesus Christ!” why do people use those to express shock or anger? You wouldn’t like it if I said “for (insert your name here) sake!” I am not asking for your help, I am not wanting you so why would I use your name?
  • Keep the sabbath holy- make time for God, stop your “busyness” and rest, I promise you will feel better and more content because of it, even if you don’t believe in God/Jesus, take a day and relax with your family!
  • Honour your mother and father- I know you may not think that mother knows best or your relationship may be strained with your parents.  But I have to regrettably inform you that their experience with some matters is worth listening to!
  • Don’t kill anyone- do I need to explain why?
  • Don’t overdo things, all things are good as God created them but it is easy to get addicted to drink, sex, food, but “everything in moderation” and you will have a healthy body and mind!

I believe God is looking out for us like a good father would, he gave us great fatherly advice so that we stay safe, enjoy life and live life in abundance.  I know life has it ups and downs, it isn’t all fun & games, but I have found that as I have tried to follow his “fatherly advice/correction” my life is so much better and as I look back in hindsight I can see that avoiding the drunken nights and other activities, people my age get up to I have no regrets in those areas.

I see my life as a straight path, if I follow God’s direction then I will move forward, be closer to him and become a better person, but when I “stop and look around”, trying to take a “different path”, I actually go…. nowhere!  It is not until, we repent (which means complete change of direction) that we can start truly making progress!  I realise this is the most “preachy” I have ever been!

So a few things the Bible does cover:-

Sometimes we may think that “O, the bible is not clear on that matter so I do not know the answer”, the bible does not say “do not take marijuana or ecstasy” but it does say “do not be mastered by anything” (1 Corinthians 6:12).  The bible may not mention Ipods and motorbikes but the principles and attitudes Jesus and his disciples displayed and wrote about are to be considered.

If we only read the bible as

  • A history book (although it is much more) then we can learn from others mistakes.
  • A book of wise sayings, we can use them to have wisdom to think before we leap.
  • God’s message to us, then we can be inspired and understand certain aspects of God’s nature.