We are in the “season” of Lent, where people possibly try again to “be good”, their new years resolutions may have been given up, but they will try (well for 40 days at least!) to give something up.  Why bother if you are going to go back and be the same after 40 days?

Its like fasting, for me I get really tired and grumpy if I miss meals and my blood sugar drops, but I am sure I am not the only one!  I always thought fasting was not eating, but then I heard it from a different perspective, if you intend on doing a fast so you can pray in earnest, then you may not need to give up your meals but actually give up something that is taking up most of your time which is not conducive to your relationship with God or other people!

A lot of people are giving up Facebook/twitter/social networking for lent, Vicky beeching has written a great blog on this. Which has inspired me to  write what I am going to say.  I have spent the last week watching episodes of Chuck, and I think I may have overdone it! (I know, I didn’t think it was possible either!)  A few nights ago I couldnt sleep, I was wide awake for hours, the next day I kept thinking about scenes from the last few episodes that I had seen!  It is something I have a habit of, when studying for a maths exam, I could not sleep because I kept thinking of numbers and they were flying around in my head, my brain would be trying to solve a level of Goldeneye because I had been playing it too much that day!

The problem is not that we use social networking/eat chocolate/cake/watch tv, but that we overdo it!  A lot of Christians will say “I really struggle to make time for God and read my bible!”  Well if you have a smart-phone there is no excuse as there are a lot of apps where u can read the bible, get it read to you & have bible reading plans and you can do this anywhere!  Since downloading one from youversion, I have been a lot better, I also need to be disciplined enough to get up early and read it!  If you are a Chuck fan and a Christian, rewatches may sound a good idea but don’t do it, if it will be detrimental to you spending time reading god’s word or praying/listening to God

I don’t normally do New Year’s resolutions or giving things up for lent but I have made a conscious effort a few times to not walk through a shopping centre which is distracting but walk a different route so I can pray and wait for god to speak.

So my challenge to you is to really think about what you spend your time on.

  • If twitter/facebook is taking up a lot ofyour time, how about using it to encourage, care and support others, offer to pray for them!
  • If you are a starbucks addict then maybe speak to people on their own who look lonely (Disclaimer: Do not do it in a creepy way and do not talk to people who you feel are creepy! I am not responsible for your actions)
  • If you are addicted to chat rooms, maybe take a caring approach and pray for people who are struggling.
  • If you like going to the “local” use it to be kind and listen to people, I bet there is at least one person who just needs someone to listen to their troubles.

Almost everything was created for our use, but when it is used in a way that is detrimental to others or even ourselves then that’s where we have addiction and problems!  Gluttony, greed, lust and envy are only sins because they are to do with over-indulgence and desire of things we do not actually need for a healthy existence!