One sunday I asked one of my children “What did the bush say to Moses?” as I knew they were looking at that story in their sunday school.  Their answer was “that’s a big poo!!” (he overheard my wife talking about potty-training one of them)

I used to look at Moses‘ story and think I was like him, (not having a poo near a “holy” bush) but having low self-confidence.  It is interestingm the amount of courage that people have to argue or negotiate with God, but have no confidence in their ability to speak with authority to another human being!

The thing with Moses was that he was the perfect person to talk to the Pharoah, due to the fact that he was “sent up river” as a baby in a “Moses basket” and ended up being adopted by one Pharaoh’s daughter, he was brought up as an Egyptian, so would have had experience in how to behave in the Egyptian royal circles (if you believe the Prince of Egypt movie, he grew up with the new Pharoah anyway!)  He would have known how to talk & how to approach the Pharoah.  What I didn’t realise was that Moses was 80 when he went back and said let my people go!

I saw a program recently that said “Christians” have more “fear of man” than “fear of God”!  If you think about it, that is crazy!  So, the “one” who created the world, created everything from the tiny atom to the exact position of each planet in the cosmos, is less scary than the colleague or friend that we see every day and can be weakened by the common cold!  What can “man” do to you? The worst they can do is kill you! (I know it is severe!)  But then if you believe in God and committed your life to being a “baptised believer” that is where the power stops! We “live with Christ” now and in the future!  God has the final power, he can send us to Hell for the rest of eternity, which is what we all deserve! In case you didn’t know, eternity is a very long time!!!

I know for me, talking to others about my faith “face to face” is hard, it took me about 3 years to broach the subject of “belief in God” with a previous work colleague!  So unfortunately, I have not got “the answer” to how to “share your faith“.  I do know however that living as best as we can in a “Christ-like” manner, helps people to respect you!

So what am I trying to say, what can non-christians get from the life of Moses?

  1. Moses’ life experiences enabled him to be in the right place, in the right time to get the Israelites out of Egypt – If you look back at your life, you will more than likely see that certain events have enabled you to be who you are and do what you do.
  2. We can argue/negotiate with God! – He knows that we are an emotional bunch! He created us! I have cried to God at times to ask “WHY!” We have been given all the resources that we need, we just need to look around and see them!
  3. When we step out and start trusting God’s wisdom amazing things happen!-  I have been hesitant to do things and have battled with an overwhelming “conviction” to go and talk to someone and more often than not it was a helpful experience for both of us when I did!

What is your “burning bush”? What do you feel you should do/say but are saying “not me”?  Trust me in that you will feel happier if you just get on with it! As far as I know, no-one has got anywhere by just sitting and thinking, (apart from theoretical physicists but i have yet to discover how pontificating about the existence of quarks or string theory, affects our day to day lives) At some point you need to act on your “conviction”.  You may feel that you need to change jobs, well “knock on some doors”, look around for new work. You can only succeed if you actually try!