So the Queen of England Elizabeth II has been on the throne for 60 years, the UK and the world have gone crazy, almost more flags are out than during the FIFA World Cup! I for one am not overly bothered, and am wondering “what has she actually done for us?

People of my grandparents generation are more patriotic than my own, I can remember when Princess Diana died and the whole day we had repeated news stories about the circumstances of the “final moments”, some of my friends were cheesed off as they were wanting to watch “Hong Kong Phooey” I was at my nans home and was totally bemused as I hardly knew who on earth Diana was! The media hounded her and they had to be warned off from following William so he could actually do his course at St. Andrews University in peace! I sometimes feel that the whole family is nothing much more than a glorified “Reality TV cast” and tourist attraction.

I wonder if it is possible that I could live in a more democratic country, yes the UK is one of the most democratic, and I do have a working knowledge of certain aspects of the election process, I am the third generation of men in my family who enjoy election day, my grampy was a PO (presiding officer, in charge the polling station), my dad is a veteran of at least 25 years of working on election day in the polling stations and the subsequent counting process.  Not many people can say they suddenly get an adrenaline buzz at 6am after working through the night but we do!

My point being, who elected the queen? The MP who is elected by the majority (usually!) is the representative of the people of that area, yet the queen was born 80 odd years ago and apparently has the power to seize any land she wishes (although she has not chosen to invoke this).

Most of us law-abiding conscientious members of the general public allow governors/

MPs/Presidents/Prime Ministers to make the rules for us to follow and we obey them (most of the time).  I am curious however, do we bow to God’s authority? Christians (myself included) believe that he “reigns over all the earth”, he is the “King of Kings”, “lord of lords” “Nkosi Yamakhosi” as the Xhosa people say!

God has all the money in the world at his disposal! – for one Jesus is awesome at saving!! 😉 and secondly as long as we all listen to God’s direction then those in need, should receive the help they need from those that can provide that help!

Whether we try to reach the darkest depths of the sea or the ends of the earth God is there!

When we ask for something in Jesus’ name we will receive it! (as long as we are seeking god’s will and not asking for a Ferrari etc) because there is power in Jesus’ name, I have been with others all praying for healing for someone “in the name of Jesus Christ” and they have been healed! (It’s not me and it’s not my hand on their head/shoulder, it’s the holy power of God!)

We don’t need a Catholic priest for exorcisms! To be honest, I don’t know what they stereotypically are meant to read but are we meant to believe most demons are fluent in Latin?  Although it isn’t something we should take lightly (especially the existence of the spiritual realm), we can say “In the name of Jesus Christ leave this house/leave this person!” We have been given the authority through the act of the crucifixion!

I remember a time when I was in South Africa with my wife and my parents, we got asked to visit a house where a young woman was sick in bed and they wanted us to pray for her.  Immediately I felt “in my spirit” that there was a need to get the woman to confess the sovereignty of Jesus Christ as Lord, fortunately I knew enough Xhosa to tell the women who brought us, to tell the sick woman, to say “Jesus is Lord” in her own language over and over again. After a few minutes the formerly distressed woman became calmer and settled!

I am not an exorcist, but there literally is no other name like Jesus! Which is why blasphemy is so wrong! No one would say for “Queen Elizabeth’s sake!” So why do they say for God’s sake or Jesus Christ?

What/who do you give authority to rule over you, are their motives wholly benevolent? Give God his rightful place in your life as king and see what happens!