I was walking to work this morning and Avril Lavigne’s song “Anything but Ordinary” started playing on my ipod (it wasn’t a miracle as it was on my playlist!) There are certain lines in the song that stick in my head,

Sometimes I drive so fast
Just to feel the danger
I wanna scream
It makes me feel alive”

A lot of people, start doing “extreme” things to feel “alive“, from jumping out of airplanes to doing their ironing on the sides of motorways! I remember a poem by Simon Armitage called “It Ain’t What You Do It’s What It Does To You!

I have not bummed across America, with only a dollar to spare, one pair of busted Levi’s and a bowie knife. I have lived with thieves in Manchester.

I have not padded through the Taj Mahal, barefoot, listening to the space between each footfall, picking up and putting down its print against the marble floor. But Iskimmed flat stones across Black Moss on a day so still I could hear each set of ripples as they crossed. I felt each stone’s inertia spend itself against the water; then sink.

I have not toyed with a parachute cord while perched on the lip of a light aircraft; but I held the wobbly head of a boy at the day centre, and stroked his fat hands. And I guess that the lightness in the throat and the tiny cascading sensation somewhere inside us are both part of that sense of something else. That feeling, I mean.

I came to the conclusion several years ago that it doesn’t matter whether or not I have “conquered” the highest mountains in the world, or ran many marathons, if it is only to make me look good.  I used to think Spiderman was the best superhero, and if somehow I could be anyone I would have chosen him, but since seeing Captain America, I have changed my mind, his very nature is wanting to be of use, to do something great with his life! Luckily for him he was given the boost and opportunity to do what he wanted

As one of those people that lacks confidence and is happy “in the background“, my desire to play the drums caused an issue, in a sense I could hide behind a drum kit, but its very nature as an instrument means that I had to make a noise and be noticed, at least by my fellow musicians! Although I had a variety of sticks, my preference was for brushes as they made the least noise, I eventually was encouraged to use sticks, and found a compromise in using “rock brushes” for a while anyway.

I don’t know anyone that truly would like to be “ordinary“, to get to the end of their life, look back and say “I kept my head down, did not do anything to get me noticed.”  I don’t want to look back on my life and say “what have I done?” Or even get to heaven and be asked “so what have you been up to?” and reply “not much” (I know God already knows but still its not an experience I would relish the thought of).

I was chatting to a minister from Zimbabwe, and he said to me “I am not going to say “sorry God, for all my mistakes” but I am going to say “look what I have done Lord!“” I cannot imagine having the gall to do that! But there must be a middle ground, maybe to take part in “running the race” which is set out for us, we need to persevere in serving God in our generation, in our workplace, in our neighbourhoods, and in our relationships.

The other lines in the Avril Lavigne song that make me think are:-

Is it enough to love?
Is it enough to breathe?
Somebody rip my heart out
And leave me here to bleed”

It does sound quite graphic (I used it as a status on my MSN messenger once and my aunt was worried lol),  I believe the sentiment expressed is the pained desire to not just breathe or exist, not just loving someone but to experience life as God intended, we need to act, respond, be less self-conscious and look to others needs before our own, it is only when we are doing God’s will that things will happen, also if you are not a threat to the Devil because you are being apathetic, he isn’t going to be bothered with trying to make you struggle and doubt yourself. You may well have an “easy life” but it will be a boring one I can guarantee it!

The photo this week is of a flower that has petals which are apparently 1 cell thick! God has created us, we all have the ability to be extra ordinary, we just have to be like the flower and do something and then we will grow into what we were meant to be!