On Sunday, my wife and I were given a prophecy, I love the prophetic word, it usually gives me a “kick up the bum” as well as encouraging me greatly! There are 4 prophecies that immediately come to mind.

The first was at my baptism, I cannot remember exactly word for word what was said but the idea of being a “father-figure” to others was expressed.

The second prophecy occurred when I was in my late teens and the leadership of the church I was at, kept being drawn to verses in Timothy, so they felt God was calling for me to be a “leader“, my head was filled with thoughts like “Ok so how do I become a leader?“, a few years later I was in South Africa and I had an overwhelming desire to get the young people of my church and eventually my town as “fired up” for God as the young people I met in South Africa were! So I thought that I was meant to start as a youth leader, something the church that I was going to didn’t have! This “calling” led me to work with the lovely lady who became my wife a year or so later!

The third prophecy was from a visiting speaker, it was strange as one minute he was praying for me and the next thing I know he is saying “I feel God is saying that you get easily distracted…. and this year you will learn about relationships” at that exact moment I thought about and looked over at Helen (who later became my wife) and she thought about me!

The fourth is the prophecy which we received on Sunday, it has hit a chord with both of us and really given me a kick up the bum to be more of what I was created to be!

The only problem that I have with prophecy is that I over-analyze them, “I have been told this is to happen/I am going to be… how can I make that happen? How is it going to happen?” Which reminds me of the film Bedtime stories with Adam Sandler, my children love it and call it the “falling sweety movie!” In the film Adam Sandler is “under-demeciated” or under-appreciated by the owner of the hotel where he works, he has to baby-sit his neice and nephew overnight for a few nights in a row and starts to tell them bedtime stories, the children “chip in” with their ideas of how the story should pan out, but the next day certain aspects of their ideas come to reality! Hence the raining gumballs, when Adam Sandler’s character realises what is happening he tries to manipulate the stories but the children’s ideas are the only ones that come to reality.

What panics Adam Sandler’s character is the children say his bedtime story character, that he is comparing himself to, gets “incinerated!” So to prevent himself from being burnt, he sprays flame-retardant chemical over himself and throws a waiter, who has a torch in his hand, into a swimming pool, it is not until he uses a fire extinguisher on the bosses birthday cake and gets “fired” that it makes sense!

The prophets in the bible often had to reprimand “the children of God“, the Israelites, as they were  constantly in and out of trouble of their own causing! Haggai was told by God to tell the people that they were spending too much money on their own homes and not rebuilding “the temple of God”.  God even said that “all that you have done to the temple is so miniscule that it has just blown away!” Imagine that, you are in your own little world, thinking you are being a “good christian” but in actual fact in your selfish ignorance you have done nothing of value! You have been running around and doing a few things “for God” but actually they were not at all it was for your benefit!  That must give you a wake up call!

I sometimes look up at the stage when I am at conferences or in a church service and think “How come they are up there and not me? I want to be asked to preach to hundreds if not thousands of people!” But I now have realised that I need to get back to basics, and get more into the word, submerge myself in as much worship as I can manage, for God to use me or you, we need to ensure that the “foundations” are strong, he cannot use any of us in the powerful way he has planned unless we are rooted in him! Otherwise one “knock” and our confidence will be shaken!

I know I have a purpose, and God has a plan for me and my family, he has one for everyone! I may not know what it is yet (Sorry Rolf Harris!), but when the time is right then I will be ready for God to use me for the purpose I was made!