Over a year ago I posted a blog post about a family who were very close to me and of which 3 of them had died within a two year period! The father was an inspiration to me, the grandmother was a “beacon of love” and the daughter was always a bundle of joy whenever I saw her! But I have been challenged recently about thinking of someone else who means a lot to me and has been an even more inspirational figure in my life!

This person:-

  • Has known my family for years!
  • has always been there when I needed someone to talk to.
  • calms me down when I am angry at others, at God or at myself!
  • always encourages me when I face obstacles, that I think I will never overcome,
  • treats everyone he meets with respect.
  • is a model of humble self-sacrifice.
  • is wiser than Solomon!
  • has father who is a very creative person and has created a number of “masterpieces” over the years!
  • currently lives in a mansion, and has offered to let me stay there, when I require it!
  • always comes through for me when I need something
  • loves me like a brother, despite the fact that he is older than my parents!

Do you know who it is yet?

If you don’t know then maybe you should! I am happy to introduce you!