The weather has been really good, and my family have managed to have a number of barbeques, I am always slightly concerned that I may under cook the meat, but I have begun to wonder how God would have his beef cooked?

Throughout the old testament they burned sacrifices to atone for their sins, if you try to “soften” the concept, when telling your children the story of Abraham almost sacrificing his son before finding the ram stuck in the Bush, the closest idea is that of God telling him to have a barbeque but he had no meat!

In a perhaps irreverent view of the idea of burnt sacrifices, you could wonder if God like his meat “well done“! But then again, the smell would remind him of the disobedience of his people , so maybe he doesn’t like that smell!

I was reading John 17 a few days ago and was struck with the fact that not only was Jesus willing to die on the cross for us, which is pretty epic itself (even that is a huge understatement!) But Jesus took the time to pray about the situation and for us, which was recorded in that passage.

One of the songs at my baptism was “I Will Offer Up My Life” There are times when I look back (which I do not do enough) and I marvel at the love of God, his sacrifice his blessings, his gifts! And I think why me? None of us can possibly repay him ever for what he has done for us, what can we do but obey him! Every day we have opportunities to be close to him, to glorify him to show him our gratitude, I am gonna try, who is with me?