My wife and I have been watching “Agents of Shield”, I was looking forward to the show starting, as somehow Marvel comics/universe/company seem to get everything right, humour, romance, action (almost as if Chuck should be a part of that?!)

I was struck by a thought about how Christians could/should be “Agents” working for the church (as a body of people) fighting for one cause and Jesus being the Agent Coulson of this “team” of people!  So like in the program “somebody really wants to spell SHIELD” What could the Christian SHIELD stand for? We could be Agents of:-

  • Submissive
  • Holy
  • Individuals
  • Encouraging
  • Loving
  • Disciples

In Ephesians 5 v21-35, it talks about how husbands and wifes should “submit” to one another, as mentioned in the talk on sunday this “submission” is not one of a wrestler, the submission we are called to do is to be like a “salute” – honouring someone’s advice or opinion.  This is hard for all of us to do, whether it be to our parents or to our partners! In the same way as Christ submitted his life to following the will of God, even to death on the cross, we should submit every part of our lives to serving God!

In Romans 12:1 we are called to “set ourselves apart as living sacrifices, Holy and pleasing to God”, holiness is being pure, untarnished, sinless.  Obviously this is easier said than done, we are all subject to emotions and actions which do not always treat others with the kindness and respect that they deserve!  Christians are not perfect but they have been forgiven, but this forgiveness does not give us the freedom to sin, it should however make us more determined not to sin any more and not judge anyone who does!

We are all Individuals (Thank the Lord for that, as what a boring world it would be if we were!) as in Marvel’s Agents of Shield, there are intelligent, learned people, there are people who enjoy confrontation and know how to defend, and there are those of us who are inquisitive and constantly looking for answers!  I love that no church is the same, no church should be without people of different ages or backgrounds otherwise it becomes a social club and not a training ground! If we are all feet then,  there are no eyes to see where we are going or where we could go?!

We are called to Encourage, I blogged about this a little while ago, all of us should be building each other up and not criticising or complaining, if you don’t like something then you either need to tell someone what you feel (constructively!) or you need to get your hands dirty and help change it! All of us need support, one of the love languages is “words of  affirmation”, who doesn’t appreciate being told “you are doing great, keep it up!”?

The Love, that we should be sharing and exhibiting to others, is Agape love, unconditional, undeserved respectful love!  Even if someone has made you angry, pray for help to forgive and still treat them as if they are a human being!

Finally Discipleship is part of the great commission, go and make Disciples of all nations is something we all should be looking to do! Not all of us will be missionaries in Outer Mongolia, but all of us as Christians with breath in our lungs should be thinking like Francis Assisi when he said

“Wherever you go, preach the gospel, and if necessary, use words.”

Remember Romans 8v35 “who can separate us from God’s love?” Wherever we are God will be with us!

We have a mission to “know him and make him Known!”
Watch this clip and remember your mission numbered 3:16 (the song starts at 4:40)