I have found the discussion about same-sex marriages mind-boggling!  I know that I am fortunate in that I do not have to battle with feelings which the wider world (in a decreasing number) have an issue with.

Throughout my life, I have met some great people, who happen to co-habit with people of the same-sex, what goes on behind closed doors is up to them and I do not wish to know! But when it comes to the national government “rubber stamping” marriage between two people of the same sex, Christians have reacted in three ways, either:-

  1. Saying “Yeah, finally!”– an approach which I am confused by.
  2. Accusing anyone glad about the new marriage laws, of not being a “Christian”, and more hurtful things!
  3. Shrugged their shoulders and not said a word!

I must admit looking back at some of my posts, I feel like a team captain (bit of an undeserved promotion but bear with me) where:-

  • Some of the team are out on the field already doing the work.
  • Some are not even ready to get out of the changing room
  • Some aren’t even bothered enough to join in

I don’t know how effective these posts are, I am very conscious of being a “clanging cymbal“, as I read that whole verse I realised that I am unlikely to be the only one!  There are many that claim to speak and know “God’s will“, but how they treat others unfortunately betrays it all!  The infamous Baptist church who thought they were helping, by telling the world and funeral mourners “GOD HATES FAGS“, “GOD HATES THE USA“, actually didn’t help at all! I cannot believe many people thought “O,  I am gonna go to that church, there is obviously a lot of love there!”

It is very easy to be an “armchair Christian“, especially if you are someone who has the same seat in church every sunday, I am very aware that I  have not managed to be the “super-friendly, super-evangelist” I wish that I was, however, I still wholeheartedly believe that the best way to witness and be “Christ-like” is to just “walk alongside” people! Arguing is not going to make people suddenly change their hearts, witnessing is not about arguing people into the kingdom, but loving people into it!

I remember reading about C.T. Studd, after his family were converted by the Moody and Sankey movement, a preacher was staying with them and was discussing God’s promises, Charles was not convinced so the preacher somehow gave such a unquestionable and logical argument, that Charles did the following:-

I got down on my knees and I did say ‘thank you’ to God. And right then and there joy and peace came into my soul. I knew then what it was to be ‘born again,’ and the Bible which had been so dry to me before, became everything.

Studd later became a missionary, selling all he had and trusting God to provide all his requirements! He also is quoted as saying

Some want to live within the sound of church or chapel bell; I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell”

How many of us can say that? How many of us would feel comfortable in the “Rescue shop within a yard of Hell“?  I have to confess the idea and “romance” of being a missionary has always excited me, but as my wife suggests maybe my “mission” should start closer to home!

It is so easy to get into the cycle of –

Waking up – eating – working – going home – eating – sleeping – waking up

You may think thats a normal cycle, but I know that it leaves very little room for God to work with and through me, my conversations are not always God-centred, despite working for a Christian organisation, (which I have found is not unusual).

We can pray for opportunities to witness and share God’s love, but I am sure that we all miss them from time to time as we rush from one thing to another!  I am still confused and amazed at the existence of  “LGBT churches”, they should not exist! For two reasons

  1. Homosexuality is not an act which pleases God (please comment if you can prove otherwise!)
  2. People from all “walks of life” should be welcome in any church! (If Christ-like behaviour is at the centre then we should love like Christ did!)

The Black-Eyed peas wrote a great song titled “where is the love?” If we only have love for those who we are comfortable with, then we only leave space to “discriminate” and we are bound to get irate if they don’t conform to our way of thinking!

I don’t agree with the change in marriage laws, but I also don’t agree with how some Christians are acting! We all have to start from a position of “all have fallen short” and “He without sin casts the first stone“, then we will be less likely to attack with such vigour!