I had the pleasure of rewatching the first 3 episodes of Chuck last night,  The thing that always hits me in the first few episodes is the number of times Chuck Bartowski is told “Trust me!” by Sarah Walker.

What happens when he doesn’t trust Sarah/Casey? All hell breaks loose and he ends up in trouble or flying a helicopter!

So are we like that? Unfortunately we are not all spies, we don’t all have Fulcrum agents or Alexei Volkoff after us, which is a good thing!  But we do have our own struggles, whether it’s financial, emotional, relational or physical.

Who do we trust? So who should we trust? Doctors can help us feel physically better, but they cannot help your finances or give you definitive relationship advice!  I believe that the only one who can help you holisitically is God! In proverbs it says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding“.  You will only get so far on your own.  When the “poo hits the fan” and everything goes wrong your intelligence/looks/money will not get you out of the situation by themselves!  Just like Chuck, although he could defuse a bomb by downloading the “Irene Demova” Virus, if anyone came back he wouldn’t have been able to defend himself.

If you have ever been to a “developing country”, the Christians’ faith in God is second to none! Why is this? Well they trust in God for everything! They have to, they don’t have loads of money, most live day to day not knowing where the next meal is coming from! Yet they have enough each day. When the Israelites left Egypt, they were in the desert and started moaning “when we were in Egypt we had cucumbers and melons!”  They had had enough of the manna, so God sent Quails! You may wonder whether you will last the month without the bailiffs/debt collectors knocking on your door because you are unemployed and have “no money” but “Trust God” he will provide.

If you are single, you may be wondering when am I going to get a boyfriend/girlfriend? Who do you trust? Your friends to set up “blind-dates”, a dating agency/website, chat rooms?  It may seem like you have been single forever but the right person is out there, “Trust God” he will provide! “Trust Me” I know how you feel and when I surrendered my desire for a girlfriend, soon I started going out with the woman who became my wife!

You may have a bad back/knee/hip/leg or suffering with any number of ailments, but God knows! His son went through the painful beatings, he was nailed to a cross! I think he understands pain, he was separated from his father/son, so he understands emotional pain!  It may not come in the timescale you want and pills/lotions may ease your suffering but “Trust God“, he wants to help you even it means you have a lifetime of being wheelchair bound or using a walking stick, you will be surprised about where your life takes you despite of the pain!

So what do you think?  I know that it is hard to trust God in all things, but he clothed the flowers, feeds the sparrows, how much more will he provide for you?

If you don’t believe there is a God, then where do you put your trust?