For over a year or so I have been in contact with a group of people who are proud to be called “Nerds“, films about high school make the “Nerds” seem weak and defenceless, but what people forget is 10 years later, these nerds will own and run companies that the “jocks” will end up working for!

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word Nerd as:-

“Noun informal- a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious, a single-minded expert in a particular technical field

But this is not true of the people I know, I am not sure whether it is due to places like Twitter or The Nerd Machine, but most if not all of them are quite sociable and are not boringly studious, in fact almost the opposite!  There is a video which explores the similarities between “Nerds” and “Religious” people, it compares the passion and fanaticism that nerds have towards Star Wars with the passion and fanaticism that “religious” people have towards their faith.  It is funny and does have a point, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with being passionate about what you believe!  In fact I think that it is important that we are!  I find it interesting that a lot of Nerds that I have come across have a “faith“, the majority being a Christian faith!

Some atheists are passionately “anti-god”, Richard Dawkins loves a debate, but it has been said “If God did not exist as Dawkins claims, then Dawkins would be jobless as being an atheist debater is his main occupation!”  I like a good discussion, it was my strap-line for this blog, until it was said to me that it “was too confusing!” I could never dream of going up against Richard Dawkins, as I am no good at thinking on my feet, but if someone contacted me via email/tweet/comment, I would gladly reply and discuss/explore their points and our differing beliefs as I am interested in how others think!

Nerds, stereotypically know vast amounts of information about computing/movies/TV Programmes, they are considered obsessive! But, if this is balanced with spending time reading the word of God, and making sure you make time for just waiting and listening for God to speak and inspire you, I cannot see much wrong with it!

The best way of being a “witness” for God is to live your life in a way that shows that you are passionate about your faith, I know not all of us would dress up as a bible character for fancy-dress parties, but being able to quote the bible in the same way a “Nerd” is able to recite quotes from Star Wars or Star Trek must be a good thing.  We are called to “always be ready to give a reason for the hope we have“, like how “Nerds” are always ready to say why Chuck is so awesome, or why one Star Trek movie is worse than another!

I once led a discipleship group for some older teens, my overall aim was to help them discuss things in the group, so that when those issues came up in their school or social life, they would know what they believe and why they believed it!  People cannot argue with your experience, a true first-hand testimony is undeniable evidence even in a court of law!  Others can say “maybe you were mistaken!” but if you know God was “at work” nothing can take that away!

So be Nerdy this week, read his word, the holy spirit will remind you of God’s word when you need it, and become so passionate about your faith that people cannot help but notice it!