When I was a teen, there was this phrase in the computing world G.I.G.O. (Garbage In Garbage Out), whatever you enter into a computer expect to get it back (they weren’t intelligent enough to question you! Which was not a bad thing when you now have Windows Vista questioning your every click!)

If I surrounded myself with people who behave badly, I will replicate their behaviour, as it would become normal to me.  At college, instead of reading around a subject or revising, my friends and I played card-games or played on the Nintendo 64, as that was the normal behaviour for my peer group.

We are called in Philippians 4:8 to think upon pure, right, lovely things.  I know that certain things I think are wrong for Christians to watch/listen/do, other people may believe is fine and vice versa, I loved to watch “Two and a Half Men” as I found it  funny and harmless, until Charlie Sheen went “off the rails” and his real life was identical to his character from the show, I came to the decision that it was no longer a good program to watch.

My current favourite program is “Chuck” , is awesome, if you haven’t seen it, you are missing out!  If it wasn’t for the shooting (which understandably my wife doesn’t want our young son to see), we would all sit and watch it as a family, it’s clean humour, there’s friendship, love, family, espionage, everything you would want in a family show!  But no doubt, someone, somewhere would find fault with it.

I would never let my son watch films with murder and people getting hurt, I was surprised (but chuckled), when he started punching the air, saying “kung-fu panda” over and over again!  I was shocked when, as I was walking him to school, his schoolmate walked up and pretended to cut his throat! What on earth had that boy been exposed to?!

Children are like sponges, whatever they are exposed to, eventually they will imitate, and to an extent adults do the same, just watch the different behaviour that occurs in city centres around clubs and bars most nights.  Normal people would not behave like they do when they are with a large group and after getting drunk.

Almost every time the Hebrews got enslaved in the old testament they started following the idols of their captors, although they knew the god of Abraham, their long-held beliefs went out of the window.  We can be like that in some way, we know Jesus as our lord and saviour, but we can be easily influenced by un-biblical theology, such as the prosperity gospel (I have seen books based on a single verse on the prayer of jabez!)

YES– God wants to bless us, he has all the resources under the sun to provide for all our needs, but if we seek first the kingdom of god (by looking for god in everything, and thanking him for all you have already!)  Then we will have a more content life, a more fulfilling life.  There are preachers like the “Green Hanky Brigade” who mislead viewers/listeners into thinking if they order the “green prosperity handkerchief” they will be blessed by God financially.  As I said before, God already wants to bless us with what we NEED, we just need to allow him to work.

If we spent all our waking moments immersed in listening to/reading solely “christian” media and ignored the world around us, our faith and the knowledge/love that God has given us will stay “under a lamp“, in other words, how can people know and experience God if we do not show them the difference he makes in our lives.