The mind is an interesting part of the human body, the brain is responsible for every action and thought you make, but we are actually less in control of it than we think!

No court of law would accept the excuse “I committed that crime due to the random firing of synapses in my cerebellum” but we are expected to believe that is what we basically are!

I watched a program recently on how we make decisions, we all think that we are logical creatures (some more so than others depending on gender and age in my opinion!) but our initial decision generally comes from the part of the brain which makes quick, sometimes illogical responses!  There is a dual system in place, I saw a researcher ask the following question

“Imagine an American man called Steve, he is a loner, he is quiet and very introverted, Is he more likely to be a librarian or a farmer?”

Whats your initial response? Did you say librarian? (you may have hung to the stereotype of a librarian being the quiet type!)

Well statistically he is more likely to be a farmer as there are more farmers than librarians in the USA (logical!)

They did a survey of New York cab drivers and found that they worked more hours in sunny weather than in rainy weather, which is bizarre as they could obtain more  money, if they worked longer in bad weather, more customers etc!  They worked out that the cab drivers drove until they got their “daily wage” and then clocked off! Illogical isn’t it?!

According to that research, if someone asked you “what do you believe?” your speedy part will give the answer, its only when you are asked “why?” that your logical part kicks in!

A lot of us are aware that there is something “greater than ourselves” and none of us could honestly claim that our purpose is to sit around all day eating and drinking, but some of us want to actually do something of benefit to society and not just for ourselves! According to some atheists, anyone who believes in a God or spiritual realm is akin to a neanderthal (nice huh?!)

Things that I find illogical but the “world” accepts as normal and not to be questioned are:-

  • Homosexuality (what evolutionary benefit is there for this? Apart from not causing the person a mental breakdown over identity I don’t understand it)
  • Sex Changes (you think you should have been a man/woman even though you were not born as one? apart from hermaphrodites, this surely has got to be solely a mental health issue!)
  • Screaming when your favourite singer/actor is on stage or in front of you (yeah like they need to be deafened by that!)
  • marmite (smells and looks like tar!)
  • The Pope (admittedly the current one has his “head screwed on” but millions of people allowing their doctrine and beliefs to be dictated by one man that they may never meet?!)
  • Using up all the “fossil fuels” and not putting effort into “cleaner energy”
  • Continuing to smoke when you know it is not helping you or your family!

I realise that some people will say my beliefs are illogical, and I have spoken to a few already, but it is only when I am challenged to rethink what I believe that I can be sure that it is my belief and not something that I have inherited!  I was told this week that:-

“if you are more open minded you will show more “Love/Compassion/Tolerance/and a sense of selflessness”

Maybe I haven’t quite attained that but surely that is what Christians strive towards (or should do?) I am quite  a tolerant, compassionate, loving, selfless person. I know I haven’t got all the logical answers but when I look at the human brain (not literally i would be sick!) or the intricacies of flora and Fauna, the tiniest monkey to the largest mountain, I know that they do not happen by chance!