After reading the book of Daniel from the old testament, I have been thinking about dreams, we are all told that dreams occur during R.E.M. (or rapid eye movement) when we are drifting in and out of deep sleep.  As a young boy, I used to love dreams, they were weird and wonderful.  One I remember vividly even now was about me running a race, now I am not the most athletic person, so it was strange to dream about running, when I woke up I looked up in my bible verses about running and the one that stood out by a mile was 1 Corinthians 19 v24-26.  I shared this with the congregation of my church at the time and spoke about how I felt God was calling us to not get distracted by what others were doing but look straight ahead and “strive for the prize” that God has for us.  As I write this, being at least 17 years older than when I had the dream, I realise that it is easier said than done!  I am a big procrastinator, but thankfully so are a lot of people who I and many others have high regard for.

There are many books out there trying to tell you what your dreams mean –  “dream about bread and you are going to come into money!” How on earth can your dreams predict your financial wealth?

I haven’t remembered a dream for ages, but now in the last few weeks, I  have had some really vivid ones, when I have had ones previously they don’t always make sense, occasionally i was able to put it down to spending too much time on a games console and my brain would be trying to work out the solution or when I was on holiday with a friend of mine who was at an army college, and I was worrying about my next career move, so I had a nightmare about going to be trained in the army and not having any equipment!

A year later I was in  South africa, alone to an extent, as my parents had gone back to the UK and I was staying with some African friends of ours in a village, hours from the nearest town, I was reading my bible, trying to “reconnect with God” to find out what he wanted me to do with my life, and then I remembered a friend of ours referring to “horizontal prayer”.  It’s quite simple really, you lie down, close your eyes and ask god to speak, if you fall asleep- all the better!

I dreamt that i was on a boat and heading towards a waterfall, then a 4×4 pulled me out of the river and I watched as others went past, I felt god tell me “I rescued you from the waters, your only possible destination would have been death”, which given that I almost died on a operating table and almost been run over a few times is not far from the truth!

I have always felt that I have a purpose to fulfill, what it is i still don’t 100% know, but God has kept me alive for a reason, I cannot imagine life without God, life without my faith, without this sense of purpose and longing for the reason why I am here, I am sure I would not want to live!

What is the point of life if not to seek our purpose?