Although I posted this over a year ago, I want to share it again

Be Bold, Be Strong for the Lord our God Is With Us

The last few weeks I have felt an overwhelming sense of encouragement from the Christians around me and of God’s love.

I got to a point where I had reached my limit and I had to take a break, I just felt exhausted by what life was throwing at me, but at my lowest point, the Christians around me were so loving and amazing! Despite how I felt towards my situakktion, God had given me people (some that I am still getting to know) who just reminded me of God’s constant love!

Unfortunately the Christian “world” can be one of the places where you will get the least amount of gratitude or encouragement!  But why is this?  We have situations like:-

  • Youth/childrens workers working many hours a week, with no thanks from the young people or their families!
  • Audio visual technicians (the men and/or women who look after the sound…

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