A lot has happened in the last week or so, the death of one of the greatest actors ever, Robin Williams, who battled with depression, drugs, alcoholism and unfortunately nothing could keep him from taking his own life.  One of the legends of music is being investigated for an offence possibly committed decades ago, but it has been done in such a way that is unjust and completely unnecessary!

I recently had to face people from my past, who did not treat me in the manner that anyone Christian or non-christian would have appreciated, part of me was dreading it, but I also had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to see them, whether it was closure on that “chapter” of my life or that I needed to hear them apologise and forgive them, I don’t know, but I did have the following thought in my head:-

“Forgive others as I forgave you!”

I am the type of person that is fully aware of my faults, but I do find myself getting angry at people in the media who fail to demonstrate the behaviour that the bible expects from us, like recently when someone “gave into a lie about themself“, the problem I have, is that it validates the behaviour as “ok by God” when it clearly isn’t!

There are certain addictions, that I have never had to face or struggle with, and I am fully aware that I cannot fully understand or have empathy for that behaviour, but I can appreciate having thoughts which are “not of God” which I have to battle with!  I have had moments in my life where I have felt low and even considered “ending it all“, I do not always have the highest opinion of myself, but I have fortunately got an awesome supportive family that are there when I need them, and not everyone has that as I found out recently.

The crazy thing about prejudice or judgement, is that we have no right whatsoever, to verbalise or express it! Looking down on someone because they are:-

  • Gay/Straight/Lesbian/Trans…
  • African/Asian/Latino/European/American/Aboriginal
  • “Disabled”/Abled
  • Theist/Atheist/Agnostic
  • Rich/Poor
  • Homeless/land-owner
  • Old/Young
  • Man/Woman
  • Different to us in any other way

It boggles my mind, no matter what they look like or believe, they are still a human being!  Everyone is the same “in christ“! All of us get sick! Every aspect of MRS NERG which determines whether something is a living organism or not, is performed by a human being (until they die obviously!).  God told Samuel:-

The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

King David was a bit of a naughty lad himself! If the tabloids/gossip magazines were about then you would have had:-

  • King caught peeping at naked bathing neighbour
  • King gets neighbour drunk
  • King linked to murder plot
  • King to have son with Bathsheba, his neighbour’s wife

But in his anguish and constant sin and repentance, David produced some of the most beautiful poetry ever written and a lot of the words have been turned into hymns and worship songs! If he did what he did today how would the Christians of today have reacted? Would they still have been happy to recite/sing Psalm 23?!

I was listening to “Only By Grace” today, which says:-

“Lord, if you marked our transgressions, who could stand? Thanks to your grace we are cleansed by the blood of the lamb!”

None of us are worthy and sinless enough to stand in the presence of God, but thanks to the grace that Jesus had for us, by dying on the cross, he enabled us to  be able to repent and regain that relationship which we should have with the loving God!

I read about the prophet Jonah last night to my daughter, and I realisd that we all can be a little like him, he ran away from what God was asking him to do because he was scared but when he realised his mistake, he went and warned the residents of Nineveh to repent and when they did, God forgave them?!

How many of us do not think that God can forgive others for their mistakes, “o no they have been really bad” “God Hates you!” etc etc.  But that is the whole point of Grace! It is undeserved favour!

We sing Be my everything, but how much do we allow God to be a part of? Is it like my vision a few years ago, where I saw a house and felt God standing next to me saying “I don’t want access to just one room, I want to be with you in every room of your life! But seriously, you have allowed it to be so damaged by yourself and other people, that you need to come and live a new life, I have a mansion where I dwell with my son, move in with me!

I know that is related to Jesus comments about his Father having many rooms, but we need to make sure God is with us in every part of our lives, if he isn’t then we must ask ourselves “why?!”  

Before you judge someone else, remember Jesus never did, he condemned judgement! We have no right to judge others, as all have sinned and all sin is the same in God’s eyes!