A month or so ago, I finally watched the Lego Movie with my family, it is full of great themes and quotes that you could pick up on, but the one that struck a chord with me was the question of being “special“.  I mentioned in a blog post that after seeing Captain America, I realised as a hero he was so much more inspirational than Spiderman (forgive me but I am a Marvel Fan!) Added to this, I then watched Noah  and I had been thinking once again, “what is it to be special?”

I sometimes wonder if I am like Emmet Brickowski from the Lego movie, I have had conversations and get the distinct feeling that the other person didn’t want to continue talking to me (one old guy I use to work with, would ask me a question and only let me say about 1o words before he walked off!)  I also ask myself “am I a boring person?” I think about whether I could have a more exciting life (especially after watching Chuck!), and realise that it maybe down to me to be more active! Don’t get me wrong, having a family of three children can never be boring, but other than talking about my wonderful offspring and nerdy stuff, I am wary of coming across as uninteresting!

  • Emmet, was coasting through life, not consciously but he was just existing and sometimes I feel that is what I may be doing!
  • Captain America (or Steve Rogers) wanted to be a soldier but was unable to join until he was given an opportunity, to be on a special project.
  •  Noah was chosen by God as he was the only one left who hadn’t been corrupted by sin, being a human,  he could have been punished like the rest but Noah found “grace in the eyes of God” and was spared!

So who are you more like?

  • Emmet Brickowski?- A “nobody”, coasting through life not making any noticeable impact on those around him, until he is told he may be “special” and then when he believes it, things happen!
  • Captain America- desperate to get involved, great heart and ethics.
  • Noah-finds it easy to talk to God and hear him, not doubting what the future holds

Leadership is not an obvious thing, despite what some people may believe, there isnt a “model” for a  leader, that you can instantly say o yes they fit these criteria so they are perfect for leadership.  I once spoke to someone in a leadership position that told me in no uncertain terms that due to my lack of confidence, I was kidding myself that looking at a course in youthwork, to eventually become a youth minister/worker, and it was wrong of anyone to make me think it was a good idea! As is often the case,  part of my self doubt agreed with that statement and talking it through with another person made me realise that was wrong of him to say that, and it has taken me a while to see that he was wrong!

There are people that lead from the front, the ones people think are most charismatic, but Jesus’ example along with Emmet and Captain America, it wasnt until they actually got involved and worked alongside those around them that they were truly effective, their words were backed up by their actions!  I am in no means a Billy Graham or David Cameron type person, but as i wrote in my job application for a role in management at an admin post “a great man once said”

Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant”

I am a servant-hearted person (most of the time), if I can help I do help, I am most comfortable “in the background”, but does that mean that I am not a leader? What is more effective in a battle? The general sitting in his cabin phoning in the directions or the captain, charging in alongside his men directing them and encouraging them from the frontline?  Like it or not (and sometimes I forget)

We are in a battle, we are in a war,

We are fighting strongholds, we haven’t fought before

but Jesus stands among us, commands our fears begone

He shows us what we’re up against

His spirit leads us on!

There are times, that I would like to be put into a oppressive situation, to see how strong my faith really is, what my skills actually are, I know I doubt them often and this frustrates those around me, it is far too easy to give up and say “O its not meant to be” but if God has called you, just know that he has a plan and a purpose for you, more than likely you may already know what it is but you doubt it, you may not be keen on the idea, but you cannot hide in the depths of the ocean or the ends of the earth, god is everywhere and so is his love!

The chorus of the song above is like a prayer for us all

Wake us UP from heavy sleeping

Calm us DOWN when we’re off hand

Take us ON to where you’re going

Lead us OFF to the promised land