Be Bold, Be Strong for the Lord our God Is With Us

It has been suggested to me that I ease up on “hammering home the Christian message” every week, which in some respects I am guilty of, however for some reason I find it easier to talk about challenging topics on my blog posts than in “real-life” person to person.

I am a bit of a strange person, I find that criticism is like Nanny Mcphee “When I need it but don’t want it then it is given, but when I want it but don’t need it then I don’t get any!”  However, I finally received the first criticism of my blog post a week or so ago!  Apparently I am “one of them!”  What is “one of them” I asked? The response- “Them’ being overly religious. To put it bluntly many Christian beliefs are quite simply outdated.

Sorry, what is outdated? Is love and forgive one another…

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