grinch defeated

My usual christmas or “Xmas” (without Christ) post is about how i dont like this time of year, but I want to be a little different and shine the light on the stupidity of those calling themselves “Christians”!

Last month we had articles, tweets, facebook posts and blog posts all about how starbucks was waging war on christmas as they changed their patterns on the cups!

NEWSFLASH- Jesus never drank coffee!

paul coffee.png

Nor did his parents, (unlike a lot of new mothers and fathers who rely on it to survive) in fact coffee is not even mentioned in the bible let alone the “nativity story” so why on earth would a “evil multi-national company making addictive products” changing their colour scheme mean they are attacking something which is the wrong time of year for remembering Jesus birth anyway?!

Then we have the Prime minister of the UK, who should know better calling half the population, and more than likely some of his own party/supporters, “terrorist sympathisers”. Apart from about 800 people who were outraged and 12 politicians who requested and apology, no one seemed bothered by it!

One of things i hate about Xmas, is the selfishness of it all, I realise how selfish I am, and how the whole world who has money or ability to borrow it, obsess about buying stuff and hoping they will get what they WANT!  I used to think the charity presents were an odd concept you say “I had £20 but I paid for a goat in outer mongolia….heres the proof, merry christmas!”

But to be fair, if I said “don’t worry about presents this year, anything you were gonna buy me send the money to Great Ormond Street Hospital” it would be a better Christmas for more people than just me!  Don’t get me wrong I appreciate a thoughtful gift and I can guarantee there are a few people in my life that know what I would like better than i do, but how much “stuff” do people actually need?!

Around the world, there will be volunteers GIVING their time to serve those in need, GIVING presents which others have donated through operation christmas child and other organisations.  I am rubbish with buying presents, GIVING my time and help is how i try to show God’s love.

This time of year, remember fire and and theft can cause you to lose possessions but memories and love can never be lost! Even patients with alzheimers or other mental conditions, can recognise those loved ones and those that truly care about them!

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