I came across a passage in the bible where the Israelites started complaining about what they had to eat, they were pining for onions, cucumbers, melons and garlic!  God had saved them from harsh rulers and beatings, miraculously stopped the Egyptians following them and they were complaining!!

One of the greatest hindrances to advancement in anything is Doubt, the devil uses doubt craftfully, those who suffer with low self-confidence, self-doubt is stronger (for some reason i hear that in Yoda’s voice!).  I will not apply for a job, if I do not think that I could even try to do it, there is no point! I wouldn’t get offered an interview!  Even my current job, I did not think I could do it, but when I was pushed to enquire what the role consisted of, I realised that my previous jobs had given me the experience needed to fulfil the role!

Some of us have a low self-opinion of ourselves, when asked give “3 things you don’t like about yourself” most of us would find it easy to pick holes and reel off more than 3! But when it comes to 3 positive attributes some of us struggle.  One thing I hate about myself is how quickly self-doubt creeps into my mind, whenever I prepared talks/sessions for Sunday school or youth group, I would be fine until about 5 minutes before and then would panic “have I prepared enough? Is it right? Am I boring? Is it relevant?

The problem is doubt can be a good thing, if I doubt that something is safe then I wouldn’t do it, Like bungee jumping with a damaged bungee rope, or sticking my head in an oven when it’s on!  But when God asks us to do something or we need to move on out of our comfort zone, doubt can seriously slow us down or even prevent us from doing so!

Doubt is defined as “To lack confidence in; to disbelieve, question, or suspect.” If we act like the Israelites and doubt/question that God’s plan is right for us or even that he knows what he is doing! Then we are on dangerous ground!

  • Doubting the existence of God is called foolish,
  • The devil makes Christians question whether or not they deserve God’s forgiveness.
  • The devil makes us question whether God’s grace is sufficient for us, as we are made to feel so guilty about our mistakes that we feel “unredeemable
  • Like the parable of the sower, when life “knocks us for six”, we lose confidence in our faith, “is God really there? Am I really a Christian? Am I a good enough believer?
  • When others treat us badly and they call themselves “Christians”, we question whether we want to be “one of them” (Gandhi once said “I like your Christ but not your Christians!“).  How strong is our faith and relationship if we let others cause us to give it up?

To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see. Faith is the opposite of doubt, if Indiana Jones in the last crusade doubted that the bridge was really there, he wouldn’t have got the holy grail and saved his dad! Jesus said “if you have faith the size of a mustard seed then you can move mountains!”

My challenge to you and myself is to step out and try something new, ask God to guide you and see where life takes you!