One of the things that really annoys me with the Christian Faith is how we compartmentalise things, the christian calendar (not taking saints days into it) looks like this

  • January – Thanking God for the past year, praying for the new one
  • February- thinking about love
  • March/April- easter and the days leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus as a man
  • July/August – holiday clubs, challenging children to take a step into a relationship with jesus
  • August/september- harvest/God’s provision
  • October- The light in the darkness, anti-hallowe’en, thinking about our loved ones who are no longer with us
  • December- Jesus as a baby, gifts,

Now for one, it took more than three months for Jesus to go from a baby to a fully grown man, but we never think about that?  I led a devotion session last night and in preparation for it, it dawned on me once again how some of us see “lent”, for some it is another time to try again at “giving up” but I was inspired to challenge and even inform those listening that there are families in our city that would have struggled to make pancakes as they may not have had the money to buy milk, flour or eggs to make them let alone money for the toppings!

I was taken aback when I looked on this website and saw on the poverty map, that my home is almost slap bang in the middle of the poorest area in my city!   When we moved home, we realised that it wasn’t a rich area and there is a lot of “need” around us, but it still stirred something within me and I was almost brought to tears!

The local foodbanks have their occasional “requests”, but it appears that the only time some churches and/or Christians even think about those going hungry is at harvest time!  I realise that church services need planning and it is helpful for those preaching to have a “series” or theme but we all need to wake up and look outside our four walls!

I have become very conscious of the fact that most of my blogs are about church and social action, but things cannot continue as they are, the government is tightening their belts (rightly or wrongly, I know which i think) free school meals and doctors pay are being cut, local councils are reducing provision for those working with children and young people, now is not the time to lament and shake our fists!

  • Now is the time to act!
  • Now is the time to get involved!
  • Now is the time to donate!
  • Now is the time to care!
  • Now is the time to pray for God to ignite a flame within you to make a difference in the world!