I find it really strange that real life is funny, there are completely surreal moments, random moments. But to create a “Reality” TV programme, things have to be exaggerated or edited to appear controversial or to spark the public’s interest.  I was watching an episode of “Big Rich Texas“, before the “ad break” they showed a clip of some apparently nasty comment by one of the characters saying “my son doesn’t love you!”  After the break you saw it in context, the actual full comment was:-

My son doesn’t love you, he’s a boy he has a penis they like to stick it in things, you can do so much better!

So she was actually being nice! (plus it was the funniest comment in a TV programme that I have heard for a while!)

I have the pleasure of being from Essex in England, but the recent TV series “The Only Way Is Essex” seems to have caused a ruckus with some inhabitants of Essex, most of us don’t walk around the streets with skin resembling a tangerine! Most of us don’t go everywhere dressed up like we are going to go clubbing during the daytime.  The majority of us can talk about things other than who is dating/texting/cheating with who!

It does make me wonder however about how God sees us! He must laugh at us, as we all say and do silly things, like how parents chuckle at the random comments and thoughts, their children come out with.  He must despair at us when we insist on doing something that if we used a little forethought we wouldn’t do.

Nature programs are the opposite of how Reality TV programs are edited, the cameramen have strict instructions to have as little interaction and cause minimal disturbance to the creature they are filming whereas Reality TV shows are almost directed into causing issues to be played out on our screens.  Some people even make up storylines so that they are kept in the programme!

I believe that God is a mixture of the two-

  • He is watching us, letting us live our lives and is upset when we have struggles, he wants to help us and sometimes we won’t let him until it is too late!
  • He “directs our path” through use of the Holy Spirit.

The good thing is we don’t have to try to do things to make God interested in us, keeping us around.  We are loved, he wants the best for us.  For some of us, we need to listen more to his “direction”, but a word of warning when we truly are doing what God wants, we need to be prepared for things to get harder, the Devil is also watching us, he knows everything about us and will try anything to stop us living a life full of God’s blessings, Although the Devil has not got the power to “direct you” unless you give him it!  He will distract you by reminding you of your past, making you question your future, and by making you not appreciate the present (which you should as it is a gift! )