Since Chuck finished (on television at least!) I discovered another great program “The Big Bang Theory.  Now although I don’t fully understand or agree with the actual Big Bang “Theory“, I am reminded of the Shakespeare quote “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet“. The series is one of the best shows I have seen for a while!

The traits of some of the main characters remind me of how we can be in our Christian walk:-

  • Sheldon Cooper– Very knowledgeable, stubborn if we believe we are right, although if a decent argument/hypothesis is put forward we are willing to rethink our position. Can be considered fanatical or even crazy!
  • Howard Wolowitz– very practical, looked down upon by others as we do not have as much study behind us but our work speaks for itself.
  • Leonard Hofstadter– Understands both points of view tries to be a peacemaker when conflicts arise.
  • Rajesh Koothrappali-Shy, knowledgeable, considered weak but he has his hidden strengths.
  • Penny (strangely has no last name?)-  Not considered knowledgeable, but is “wordly-wise” and is caring.
  • Bernadette Wolowitz– initially ditzy, but is very knowledgeable, gets easily angered! Has a lot of patience, but knows how to play the “game” to get her way.
  • Amy Farrah Fowler– an outsider, desperate to fit in somewhere

I have been surprised at who watches it and how many parents are fine with their children viewing it, we used to let ours watch it, as our son is so much like Sheldon Cooper its ridiculous, we regularly have to move around the table as he wants certain people next to him or opposite him!  A couple of years ago the cast were nominated for a Nickelodeon kids choice award, the science aspect is great for inspiring kids to get into it but some of the more adult content certainly isn’t appropriate!

My son especially loves reading about science, he Marvels (see better than D.C! 😉 ) at the size of things. he recites numbers from a TED talk he saw, he told me how many atoms were in the human body, admittedly he cannot get his head around it, but who can when its more than there are people on the planet!

  • Approx cells in the human:People in the world – 5008:1 (3.27 x 10 to the power of 13: 7,426,892,000)
  • Approx atoms in the body : people in the world – 9.42 trillion:1 (7*1027 : 7,426,892,000) 

People argue that science is disproving God, but as far as i can see it is just proving how marvellous he is, how could the intricacies of the human body, how well the cells and atoms work together to grow, repair, fight invaders and react to stimuli to enable the human body to do the same with other human bodies, all come from rocks, stars colliding and genetic “accidents” and “chance”?

People say that evolution and The Big Bang Theory are two separate theories, and yes to a point they are but you only get so far with one before relying on the other to try and explain the existence of life and our planet. You may not believe in a God but no one can argue that there is an intelligent, incredible design to every aspect of nature and our lives!