When I woke up this morning and checked the BBC news site, I was delighted to discover that a small majority of British people had voted to leave the European Union. Then after a quick look on social media I discovered people panicking, in tears or down right angry with those who voted to leave!

The problem with the whole referendum was that there was so much uncertainty and still is! Some leaflets came throgh our door telling us we would be worse off If we left the EU, others telling us large companies like Honda or Toyota would stay and still produce cars here!
I was speaking to my children’s friend yesterday as they asked me how I was voting, they then expressed concern about whether that meant we couldn’t play in Euro 2020 or even the rest of this years tournament, I wondered how many adults had thought this too?

I was then reminded of the film “Truman show“, where the title character Truman, starts questioning the world around him and once he realises that it’s not all that he thought it was, he decides to step out and discover what the world outside his small (man-made) village is all about.
This wasn’t an easy thing to do, the character who created Truman’s home “world” didn’t want him to leave, he was the director of the show and wanted it to continue, he almost killed Truman in an artificially created storm but Truman was determined to move on with his life and not be content with the way things were.
There are quite a few posts, graphics and graphs complaining that the older generation have sentenced us to poverty and hardship, accusing them of not caring about our future because they themselves only have less than 20 years left on this planet!  There have even also been comments that there should have been an upper age limit for voting! That is a disgusting thought, I saw photos of Chelsea pensioners going to vote, they were the ones who fought in Europe so that we had the freedom and democracy which we often take for granted! In fact I think that their age and wisdom should be listened to!
I don’t know how many prayers, prayer vigils and church meetings involved seeking God’s will and wisdom. But this morning it appears even the Christian leaders that people look up to, were questioning whether it was God’s will!
I don’t understand all the economics of what will happen now we have left, but in the lead up to the referendum the remain camp were constantly trying to scare monger about the uncertainty, however we don’t really know what would happen if we stayed!

  • would we have given up more control to Europe?
  • Would we have taken on the single currency?
  • Would our MEPs have turned up more to vote?

I kept seeing articles about TTIP and other conspiracies about corporations controlling government decisions and law making, whether staying or leaving would have brought this quicker is another matter and only time will tell.

  • I did not vote to leave solely due to immigration although things do need to change.
  • I did not vote to leave because I am clueless to the world of commerce, because I am not!
  • I did not vote leave because I enjoy “isolationism, scepticism and intolerance“- The UK is not alone, we are still geographically part of Europe, we still are on this planet and can export and import to any country we want (even more now than before!) I am not intolerant, despite what some may think of me, I actually enjoy discussing topics, hence creating this blog!

Don’t panic, Trust God, the door has just opened! And in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and good night!