Recently I have been curious about the purpose of fashion? For the evolutionists out there, what possible reason could there be, for evolutionary purposes, to create a “meat-dress” or an outfit made of cabbages?!  I am not very good at art, I am not that good with sewing or needlework, but I can respect the creativity (which I do not have) which makes such an outfit but apart from “art“, why would anyone go out of their way to buy something like that?!

According to biopic movies about Coco Chanel, she was very much into simplicity, however other designers seem to be about opulence and greed!

I also find it very bizarre that Christians believe in the “prosperity gospel“. When you look at two of the most famous men out of the bible, you cannot but question it!

Solomonwas asked by God “what would you like me to give you?” Solomon asked for wisdom, so that he could govern well. It was only then that God said “as you have only asked for wisdom, I will bless you greatly”


To me, Fashion and the “Prosperity Gospel” are two things we could easily live without!  Many orphanages run by Christian charities around  the world, survive on donations and support from people willing to support their cause, but when a major preacher/healer tries to claim that if you “send me $100-1000 your ailment will go!” that is bordering on being an evil “con-artist“!  Especially when they tell the person “you have too little faith” or “you have too much sin” if they do not get healed!

I watched a program recently by Derren Brown called “Faith healer“, this actually shocked me more than I was expecting!  I knew there are a lot of famous preachers, whose “techniques” and messages are twisting the gospel message, to benefit their bank balances, but how they did it and how they react to anyone who questions it, was outrageous!  I actually questioned the instances when I felt that I was “used by God to help heal“!  I would love to ask the preachers and healers-

  • If you are truly doing “God’s work” why on earth are you begging for money, God promises to provide all our NEEDS?
  • If you are truly doing “God’s work” why are you trying to “bribe” people by saying “send us £20 and we will give a free book/cd series“? I would rather they say, “I wrote a book, on which this sermon is based, it’s £20

I know compared to millions, if not billions, of people around the world, I am “rich“, I have a roof over my head, food in the cupboards and a selection of clothes in my wardrobe, but when I look at these preachers, I cannot help but wonder how they can justify their actions?  The people that I most respect, in the Christian world, are not those who

  • wear expensive suits
  • have expensive cars
  • live in compounds with their own security staff.

I have more respect for those who

  • live modestly,
  • care for those in need,
  • will go out of their way to help if they can.
  • live as Christ-like as they can.

I am not going to pretend that I am perfect in how I use my time, money and other resources but one phrase that i heard a while back, should encapsulate what we should check our attitude with:-

“Call yourself a Christian? What if God asked to see your diary/bank statement/web history?” How would you feel then?