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Ask the young people to list out the different types of people that they might be expected to obey.  Hopefully, they will list out the following types of examples:






  • Once you have the list, ask them to number in order who they find easiest to obey as 1 hardest higher number,
  • Take a moment to ask them why this is the case.

Get the group back together and ask them the following questions:

  • Why do we find being obedient so difficult?
  • Why would we not do what God wants?
  • Why should we do what God wants?

How far would the group go when it comes to obeying God?

  • Would they obey God and do whatever He asks them to do?
  • What is/would be the easiest thing God has/could ask them to do?
  • What is/would be the toughest thing God has/could ask them to do?
  • Why do they think God sometimes asks us to obey Him when it’s hard for us too?

By going through a tough experience and obeying God we can learn to trust Him more too.

Ask the group to look up Genesis 22: 1-19

This is the story of Abraham being prepared to sacrifice his only son Isaac.

Read through the story with your group.

Have they got any feedback from reading this?

When they’ve finished talking, give them some more background to the event:

  • Isaac was Abraham and Sarah’s only son, and they had waited a long time for him!! Abraham was 100 when Isaac was born. Imagine obeying God so much that you’d give up something you’d waited 100 years for!!!
  • It’s not just Abraham who was obedient here. Isaac wasn’t a young boy when Abraham tied him up to be a sacrifice. He would have been about 25 years old!! He could easily have fought off his aged dad. Instead he decided to obey…
  • What made Abraham and Isaac obey God?

It says in verse 12 that Abraham “truly obeyed” God. To truly obey means that we really do trust the person giving the instruction. Abraham didn’t know that God was going to stop him at the last second, as the blade came down. All he knew is that if God was asking him to do something, no matter how difficult, it was for his own good.

  • What might God be asking you to do to obey Him?

It probably isn’t something as tough as we’ve just read about…but it may cost you.You may not know the outcome, but you can trust that God does.

  • If He asked them to obey Him in a particular area, would they always answer yes?

Encourage the group to think which room it might be for them that Jesus can’t get into? What area of their life is do they keep off limits?

Jesus wants us to obey Him in all areas of our life.

Once you’ve done this, offer to pray for members of your group about different areas of their life where they struggle to let Jesus have control.

The Point: A chance for the group to make a decision to obey God in all areas of their life.

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