I love the song by news boys called “live with abandon “, it is one of those rousing songs that makes you wanna live differently, there is another song called “undignified” by Delirious. Both of these songs have the sentiment of wanting to live freely, not caring what others think but just following God.
I have been accused at times of having no oomph, no passion, “Your get up and go has got up and gone! ” but every time I express a strong opinion, it comes out in the wrong way and I offend people, causing stress and upset!

Bizarrely I look around and others seem to do similar and even worse and they have no fallout! I have to start wondering

  • Can we live undignified and act with abandon without caring what we do to others?”
  • If someone upsets us should we call them up on it or just turn and walk away?
  • Is it worth arguing over Stupid comments?
  • Is free speech ok, as long as it offends no one?
  • Is it possible to never offend anyone?
  • Is it biblical to challenge someone on their comments or behaviour?
  • Is it unbiblical to allow someone to upset you and not react?

Then we have the various denominations, abandoning certain aspects of life and what Christ offers.

  • Churches stuck in the 1980s abandoning the presence of new technology so anyone speaking from the pulpit is virtually inaudible!
  • Churches abandoning the bible to promote feel good sermons and unchanged lives.
  • Churches abandoning the presence of the holy spirit because they only want it to be allowed in certain times and places, so the church is spiritually dead or dying.
  • Churches abandoning the joy that we have in knowing God’s love and his son’s sacrifice, in an effort to be solemn, missing the whole point of worship!
  • Churches abandoning the whole point of their existence and just running activities they have run for decades, barely scratching the surface of the depth of need and suffering in the lives of those around them!

I am quite opinionated, I will freely admit that, just how you and I express our opinions and comments is what can hurt or encourage.

I believe that we were given minds to question:-

  • our surroundings,
  • how things are done.
  • how things are becoming,

Just stating a viewpoint or even hurling your views at some one will have no effect apart from make other people avoid you in real life and block you in cyberspace, unless you cause them to get angry and you have started an unnecessary argument and division.  In my post about Freedom i challenge where our freedom should be limited, can we act too free? Not keeping our tongue or limbs in check?  How many times have you heard this?


I for one know that I have made mistakes, i try to be selfless but occasionally I hurt people in my desire to have my say, I had an interesting conversation with my sister after I apologised for having a bad attitude towards her, she thought that was dealt with a decade ago, so my apology confused her! I think I actually had to do it so I would confess my problem and forgive myself, being honest with myself was what was needed and through the apology I dealt with my failings.