Many years ago i was shopping with my family for christmas presents and I was holding a grudge against my older sister for something she had done a few days before, that year I didn’t buy her a gift at all!

Looking back that was a very daft thing to do and i would never do that again to her, she is one of my closest siblings and her hospital stay a few years back, made me glad she is still in my life!

There is a parable in the bible that Jesus told regarding a worker who did not pass on his forgiven debt, the servant was allowed to walk away despite owing millions yet he was unwiling to pas on that mercy to someone who owed him a smaller amount!  We may look at the servant and think how awful and inconsiderate he was, but how many times do we do likewise?

There have been times, when I have begrudged someone something, despite the fact that I could go and get more, I come home expecting to find something in the cupboard and discover someone has been round (like Goldilocks but invited in) and eaten or drank it before I could, I don’t resent my children eating/sharing my food as that would be wrong and unbiblical but so would refusing to allow a hungry visitor something to fill that void despite my desire to consume the items myself!

There are times when I have little patience for people that are just plain annoying! Anything that comes out of their mouths seems to wind me up, yet God has patience for all my failures so why don’t I pass that on?

I was reading genesis and suddenly realised that the “first sin” takes up 7 verses of the bible, sin and disobedience took about 9 sentences in our english speaking bibles, out of 807 000 words it took

The rest of the bible is gods love story, compare it to a loving father

  • He gave us a place to live, eat and play (creation)
  • When we do wrong he punishes us (eviction from the garden)
  • He provides us with rules so we dont do wrong against him and our fellow humans (leviticus)
  • He gives us a way of organising  ourselves so we have some order in our lives (judges)
  • We mess it up so he gave the israelites another way of organisation (kings)
  • That system isnt used properly so he Comes down and helps us in person, showing us how to live life, giving us guidelines to keep our lives in order (gospels)
  • We argue between ourselves and cause even more mess until one day he will come agajn and take us to a new home where we cannot mess it up, we wont want to! (epistles and revelation)

I had a discussion with an atheist, quite a lot seem to consider theists or christians as believers in fairy-tales, weak and stupid individuals but in fact we are (or should be) the opposite!  His argument was:-

“All my love goes into relationships with real human beings. None goes to imaginary gods.”

I don’t believe in imaginary Gods but without faith, how does he prove that all his “love goes into relationships with real human beings”? You cannot scientifically prove “love”, sure there are chemical, can reactions in your brain, pheromones given off etc.  But can you prove you love someone? Can our intentions be read as “doing something to get something back” logical reciprocation instead of selflessness?

How many charities have been started by atheists whose whole aim was to bless others in need?  We started a food bank but were not doing it for the recognition but so that people knew, others cared, God cares! All the glory and thanks needs to go to our creator not ourselves! I am not an attention seeker (at least i don’t think so) but I would like people to listen to/ read what i have to say and maybe follow the example of Jesus, my example isn’t always best!

The book of Genesis will not be widely accepted as a perfect science text book, but I believe that it is far from fictional, there is historical and archaelogical evidence that those events took place!  But even taking the argument that genesis isn’t science, the whole book consists of 66 books written by over 40 people, a mixture of history, prophecy, poetry, biography and letters!

I realise that people have and will use the bible as a tool to abuse, hate, criticise, harm and dominate others but that was never God’s intention and when he came down in the physical form of Jesus, he preached love! The only people he showed anger towards were those who were selfish and put others down by making them feel wretched for how sinful they were and (like the catholics did later in history) made money from those who wanted to repent and bring themselves back to God!

a few years back there was a big thing called “the 4 points”

Point 1 God loves me

Point 2 I have sinned

Point 3 Jesus died for me

Point 4 I need to decide…

When we find ourselves in a place where we know we have failed, messed up and full of guilt we need to decide what we are gonna do about it! No one is perfect! No one is even good enough by themselves, we have desires, thoughts and actions that are selfish and hurtful to others, to God and to ourselves!

We have been given love, if you have accepted Christ as lord and saviour, or even if you don’t believe he actually exists, What you gonna do about it? Huh?!