This past year has had two big events where people have voted and people have shown what is wrong with the human race!  Donald Trump was elected and Britain voted to leave the European Union.

The problem with the lead up to both of these was that there were so many lies, spinning stories to push the aims and propaganda of the individuals desires! As  I said in my blog in June about “Brexit” I was shocked at the vitriol and anger which spewed from people onto their social media profiles, people threatening (in jest apparently!?!) to leave England, move to scotland or another country in the geographical continent of Europe.  Now Americans are threatening to leave the US and live in Canada! Whether or not you mean it, what is the point?

Those that voted Trump and those that voted to leave the EU have been tarred with the same brush, but not all of us are misogynists or gun toting members of the KKK!  Just because you voted one way doesnt mean you agree wholeheartedly with it all.  You do what you think is right with the information you have been given!

Hillary Clinton, was reported to be:-

  • a murderer
  • a rapist sympathiser,
  • a pro-abortionist
  • A liar and potential leak of US government secrets

Whereas Trump was reported and on video being:-

If I was American, I don’t know what I would have done?! I can understand almost half the country abstained from voting, as neither were a positive prospect!

Politics is a part of our culture that “lies, damn lies and statistics” are used on a daily basis, that was the issue with Brexit, both sides used the same numbers or percentages to prove their point, yet neither party could give actual facts as to what may happen as neither side were fortune tellers!

I kept seeing this picture about “Britain” and the “USA”


We hadn’t yet undertaken it, and the only thing causing destruction and issues is our lack of love and tolerance for others views and beliefs!  You could accuse and criticise the “evangelicals” who felt they were doing right trying to restore “christian values” of life and heterosexuality to their “rightful place” but what would Jesus have done?  The only thing that I could see him doing is shaking his head and saying “you hypocrites!

I have to confess that  I did go on to facebook and try to pull people up on their “lack of belief“, we prayed for guidance, we heard sermons and discussed it in various places, do we not think God is in control of it?  Now, admittedly i could have handled it better, I upset people close to me (despite feeling my point was validated by other christ-following individuals liking my post), but i was not the only one who caused offence to others, I didn’t accuse anyone of anything other than doubting God’s control, like this week, there are those who are disowning their own families for the sake of how they voted! Seriously!?

Jesus said the two greatest commandments were:-

  1. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the greatest and the most important commandment.”

  2. ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Whether or not you believe in God and follow Christ’s teaching, we all could learn something from those verses and consider others before we open our mouths or tap on our keyboards to “hate one another”.  Be like Jesus:-