I recently read a blog post explaining how they perceived King David’s predatory approach towards bathing Bathsheba and his subsequent actions as those befitting a rapist!

I never considered that approach to the story, of course I could see the following as unacceptable behaviour:-

  • being a peeping tom
  • attempting to arrange for the husband, Uriah, to “lay with her” so that he would think the child was his own.
  • sending Uriah, to his death with other innocent men to cover up the deceit and treachery

But due to his standing, she could not refuse her king could she? The bible says she was “purifying herself, after having her period” Being a man, I can only guess but I cannot think many women are in the mood to use this time to seduce men! 

David was on his roof, looking over and saw her in a state of undress, so called his attendants, found out who she was and got her to come over, got her pregnant and the story unravels until Samuel tells him how displeased God is with the events, finishing with the death of their child.

Regardless of whether Bathsheba knew what she was doing and trying to tempt her king, David didn’t need to fall into that temptation and cause so much sadness and destruction, as Tim Fall writes “we are all responsible for our own sin” and God promises “there will always be a way out and you will never find temptation too hard to bear

Donald Trump has said some really unwise things, his attitude to women is questionable and has been questioned by women marching, some dressed as the anatomy which he claimed he like to “grab”!  But could he be also compared to Saul? Jealous of David (the young man, threatening his rule), he kept lashing out (or throwing a spear) in rage!  

Obviously we don’t have all the facts  yet about why he really fired Comey but Trump seems to be not so much a calculating, coniving person but one that is quick to react and has got into power when people have asked for a leader who befits what they felt they needed yet isn’t quite what they expected to be, like what happened with Saul, God heard the cries of his people to have a king like other nations had but they didn’t need one!

Trump is still being blindly supported by evangelicals thinking he will act how they want, only time will tell but as Saul was replaced by David, one day Trump will be deposed and the American nation will be wondering what they want from the next one