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“Father’s love”

I have been thinking about doing a blog post saying how lucky i am to have a heavenly and earthly father who are amazing, comparing their similarities and differences, our church recently shared a document with the congregation which mentioned all the verses about how much god loves us like his children.

I started to wonder, how much do I live up to God’s standards of parenthood? How do I measure up to my own earthly father?

  • My father(s) love unconditionally!
  • My father(s) are always there when i am in need!
  • My father(s) would do anything for their children, to benefit us, one is more than capable, one does as best as he is physically able
  • My father(s) have faced adversity and ridicule but have been triumphant and steadfast despite of it.

I know my faults, i sometimes look back and regret things i have not done with my children, the reality of working hard, studying on courses and helping my wife keep the house clean and tidy, whilst still finding time to spend quality moments with my children is a challenge.
I had the pleasure of spending the morning at my children’s school as they ran a morning for dads uncle’s and granddads to come and see what their primary school aged relatives did at the school.

It felt so good, being able to see how nifty my son was kicking a football around and how my daughter could code and create instructions for little sprites on the Macbook screen. Then this morning my 2 year old showed me how to make my fit bit perform as a stopwatch and activity monitor!

I look around and have come across a variety of families with a mix of:-

*single mothers doing their best,
* absent fathers coming along and messing with the kids heads.
*step dads and/or partners of the mothers not helping to raise the children but being selfish.

I am glad that I have had two incredible examples of how to father and love those who you are responsible for, I don’t know whether my children will look back in 20 years time and think about me in the same way, all I can do is try to listen, discipline when it Is needed and be there when they need me, and hopefully they too will have a relationship with the same heavenly father and a close relationship with their earthly one too!


The power of Positivity #YesMan

Recently I have heard a few songs that have lyrics inspired by 2 Corinthians 1:20 which says:-

For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.

I don’t like to sing words that I don’t understand and just singing “yeah, yeah yeah and amen” or “yes and amen” without any background as to what the yes or amen is for, is barmy in my humble opinion!

The idea behind that verse isn’t some feelgood throwaway idea, but that if God has promised it, then YES it will happen! Through Jesus death we have the confirmation or “Amen” which is translated as “I agree“. (so you should only say “amen” if you agree to the wording of a prayer! Someone did once refuse to say it after i prayed for them because he did not agree with all of that i said!)

If God says “Yes“, Jesus has made it possible through his death and resurrection, giving him authority over everything and we should live ready to receive that promise!

It has been said that there are three answers to prayer:-

  • Yes”
  • “No”
  • “Wait”

A good few years ago, I watched a movie called “Yes Man”, I can recall that at the time of watching it, I had a very hesitant nature, I still am quite cautious and self-confidence is still something I am working on.  But as often occurs when I watch a movie, the character and feelings really resonated within me.

In the movie the character lives alone, doesn’t do much outside his own home and has no one to spend time with, avoiding his best friend and not being active in life enough to meet someone to love.

If it wasn’t for God’s great plan and me saying “yes” to who became my wife, i would have been that guy, stuck at home watching DVDs with no friends.

When i have said yes and tried new things, i have a confirmation of God saying “you can do a lot more than you think you can!” I have realised that I am a very capable person.  I should say yes more to things, I need to not overthink, procrastinate and listen to the doubts or doubters.

What has God promised you?

You may be waiting for a “word from God” to tell you what to do with your life but he may already have said it and you have not listened or followed!

Do you need to say yes to God?

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